The services we are offering at this time are:


Career Counseling

Our counselling philosophies, values, beliefs and actions can assist clients to make positive changes for themselves. We are trained in career counselling to assist clients with career choices, self-development and current job market. We are able to coach and support you, work with your job interests and work values to assist with your career or work.

Employment Preparation

We will ask the questions, listen, advise and provide solutions in assisting you to find a career. Practise employment questions and techniques to empower you to become more confident in the interviewing process. We will teach you to write cover letters, undertake cold calling, teach you how to fill out on-line job applications and assist you in dealing with recruitment agencies. We can advise you on dressing for an interview and how to research that job that you want.

Curriculum Vitae Preparation

We are able to identify relevant key strengths and prepare an effective CV that is succinct, professional and tailored to a position of choice. We can modify existing CV to update new skills or customise your CV for a particular work.

Vocational Assessment

We can help you to determine what might be a suitable job or career for you. We can analyse what are your transferable skills, job interests and work values and develop a job search strategy.

Employment Placements / Job Search Services

We can work one-on-one with individuals to help find a work trial or paid employment. We will cold call on your behalf, fill out on-line job applications; support you with your appointments. We can organise assessments of work environments, monitor or trouble shoot work trials or assist with paid employment.

Rangatahi, Sole Parents and People with Disabilities

We have worked with rangatahi (youth), sole parents and those with a disability and we are sensitive to your issues. We can offer specialist career consulting services to rangatahi, sole parents and those with disabilities and health-related issues.

Arts and Cultural Employment

Our resourcefulness includes our coined concept of Career whakawhanaungatanga and we use it for part of our career networking. The word whaka is a prefix which loosely translates to make something happen. Whanaungatanga translates to people who have a relationship. Hence our translation of Career whakawhanaungatanga relates to career networking (with people known to one another). We are members of an elite Wellington Maori Entrepreneurs business network. The majority of these members have their own companies and we share resources, whakapapa, knowledge and opportunities. Te Ahua Consulting also has a number of other local community networks and working relationships in the greater Wellington area and throughout Aotearoa. It is inclusive of Maori and Pacifica and non Maori health networks

Life Skills / Work Confidence

People who achieve success in their lives have certain qualities they draw on. We can help you discover these, learn new skills and sharpening the ability to think through problems or help build your work confidence so that you can achieve. We can help with time management, teamwork and leadership, on-the-job training, self motivation and making good decisions. Work confidence and employability / career development skills are critical because they impact on a individual’s morale.

Migrant People

When Migrants arrive in a new country there are often many uncertainties including finding work and understanding the culture of the country. We can assist you; our personal experience have included working with many cultures, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Korean, Spanish, French , Danish, Scottish, Brazilians, Germans, Dutch, Moroccans, Saudi Arabian, Canadian, Samoans, the Cook Islanders and Australian to name a few. We have also travelled extensively and have knowledge of the current employment market and are able to assist you in a transition to employment preparation and readiness.

Small Business Management

Many of us have great ideas. How do we turn them into a business? A small business can be started at a very low cost and on a part-time basis. To have a successful small business, you have to be up with the play. The first thing is to have a strategic business plan. You will need sales and marketing skills, business communication, financial and accounting management (may include MYOB), leadership / management skills inclusive of human resource management and resource management and customer relationship skills. We can help you with all of these as we have had the training in all of the above.

Literacy / Numeracy / Computer /Driver’s License / Report Writing

Being able to read and write is consistently ranked among the highest priorities for job applicants and employees. Literacy is considered a fundamental vocational skill for a person to also get ahead, or to change jobs. Numeracy is another skill that is required essentially for some vocations. Computer skills have also become a prerequisite to many jobs as does report writing skills. We can assist you with all of this training inclusive of supporting you gain your driver’s licence.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing or assessment uses a set of operational frameworks that have been suitably designed to test applications that can sample human behaviour, including testing one’s cognitive thinking abilities, intelligence, aptitude, behaviour and inherent work-related attitude values, including personality and interests. We are trained in psychometric testing and have access to the New Zealand Council for Education Research self-scorable, paper and pencil interest test booklets and can help you explore and understand traits, which may lead to accepting a more fulfilling employment role. Be warned that psychometric assessments can be expensive and may not always be conducive to good outcomes. If you are nervous to sit a psychometric test, we can help you to become familiar with them. For example we can assist you with similar replica numerical tests, verbal ability spelling, mechanical reasoning and others.

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