Testimony from Christine Kondov 2009

Maria has character and a nature that is appreciative, creative, passionate, resilient and enduring. This I have had the pleasure of experiencing within her work with clients – and her abilities to look at complex situations in differing and creative ways. Maria is honest, true to her commitments, reliable, and a good time keeper. I have always found Maria to be a person who is persistent; and who will persevere with situations until an appropriate completion point occurs. Maria has appropriate training and academic qualification; and a proven work record working positively within various organisations relating to social and health services and career guidance. Maria is always willing to learn new knowledge, and work in a way that is appropriate to Tikanga Māori. Maria is qualified in Masters Social Work (Applied) and has worked in Social Work (or related areas) since 1995.

Christine Kondov
Hutt Valley DHB

Testimony from Simon Lai 2003
Maria has exceptional ability and passion to care for, support and empower people. Maria has consistently demonstrated the ability to provide advocacy, facilitation and direction to achieve outcomes, enabling the client to take responsibility for their life and future through informed and participative decision-making and goal setting. With a warm nature, sincerity, honesty and understanding, this has enabled her to easily develop positive relationships with clients, service providers and employees. Maria is a confident, enthusiastic individual who is client and customer focused with the ability to work with a diverse range of people. Maria has the ability to remain calm, focused and professional in volatile and highly stressful situations has enabled her to work effectively with people.

Simon Lai
Work Colleague

Testimony from M. Moore 2003

Maria provided clear and concise information and gauged my ability to complete tasks discussed. Was empathic and non-judgemental, calm, culturally sensitive and responded with logic common sense.

M. Moore

Testimony from J. Nikora 2003

Thank you so much for your help in assisting me throughout my times of need. My dealings with the organisation in the past have been very frustrating at times, and your expediency and regular communication has been a great relief and comfort to me. Thanks once again Maria for your professionalism, it is appreciated.

J. Nikora

Testimony from Patricia Walker 1994

Maria’s particular strengths are that she shows lots of initiative and is self-motivated. She has a strong commitment to justice and equality, supportive and thoughtful to clients and has the ability to plan and carry out plans, quick and efficient. Tasks were all done skilfully, thoroughly, sensitively and within appropriate time frames.

Patricia Walker
Child Youth and Family

Testimony from Harry Walker 1994

Maria has impressed as a woman with a very keen mind and intellect. She is a creative, lateral thinker who demonstrates panache and flair in her approach to social work. Indeed, she brings art to social work.

Harry Walker
Victoria University

Testimony from Dr Peter November 1992

The winner of this marketing competition is somebody who is extremely smart and has been able to outsmart you all. This person has been able to apply the concept of brain storming and beat all the BCA students. She is not one of our BCA students that I expected more of, but actually a BA student who has a flair for marketing. She is very creative. “Stand up Maria Wilson!”

Dr Peter November
Victoria University